Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Olrog Iron Ead, Prophet of the Waaagh

Hello I'm Ollie.

I am continuing to build the narrative for Olrog Iron Ead, Prophet of the Waaagh.  Continuing his story from the Realm Hoppers campaign as he attempts to forge a mighty Greenskin Empire for the glory of Gorkamorka 

Olrog was bored and irritable. It had been over a week since he smashed up the pansys and became a Prophet of the Waaagh.  For the entire time he had Gork (or perhaps Mork) raving in the back of his mind urging him to create an empire of green flesh and glorious mayhem. Despite his ascension Olrog had not lost his keen (for an Orruk) intellect or his grasp of strategy. The Waaagh energy coursing through his body meant he was now revered as religious icon by the Boyz but they didn't respond to him in the same way anymore. He needed to find a Warboss to lead his armies in his stead. 

His lieutenants were no use. Bolg didn't have it in him to lead any more especially considering the kicking he'd received from the Pansy's Thunder Umie allies. Ringoz and Gaztrukk were lunatics he might as well choose one of his Bonesplitter bodyguard as either of that pair. 

Luckily a number of rival Orruk Warband a had come to his notice. Olrog was sure he could "persuade" one these aspiring Warbosses to join him and who knows maybe a gain few extra Boyz into the bargain.  

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