Wednesday, 15 March 2017

And the world wept...

He was dreaming, his body was clay and a being of unimaginable power was kneading him, pulling, pushing and stretching his body. He felt claws pull at his back, pulling the skin, creating bone. His fingers were gripped, stretched and sharpened. A finger, as bright as burning brass and as cool as blood traced a design on his chest. An axe, as dark and as unfathomable as the depths of the ocean was placed in his hand.

He woke and he looked and he saw what he was. The power that raged in his veins, a gift. No, the gift, the gift of protection. He raised his head and the new born daemon prince howled his joy at the uncaring sky.

Blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne!

And the world wept for what it had lost and gained...

So this is my 'general', at least my fluff general :) The great Daemon Prince of Khorne - Ca'vren Kal'b. Disciple of Khorne and protector of The Faithful. He has been blessed by Khorne with unimaginable power far beyond the reach of a mortal. He leads his band on a mission of vengeance, aiming to right old wrongs done to his people.


  1. Looking good, man! Nice job with the base - compliments the model very nicely.

  2. Thanks, really enjoyed painting him - which was a surprise with all that red 🙂 Lots of dry brushing but worth it.

  3. Did you spray him red or just build it up from black?

    1. I used the bloodthirsty tutorial on warhammer TV. Briefly, prime in imperial primer ( brushed on), khorne red, nuln oil, and then dry brush the following khorne red, wazzdaka, evil sunz scarlet, brush on bloodletter and highlight with wild rider red. Phew :)