Monday, 20 March 2017

Lord Gloomwing's Anvils Vanguard Chamber

Aethos and his Palladors race across the Sarcavian Nest Plains towards their host-kin.

Mounds of all shapes and sizes rise and fall, paths forming between them creating a lattice of curves and switchbacks that denote the Sarcavian Nest Plains in the land of Ghur, east of the Nomadic chasm. Travel across the plains is never a straight line, and the turns can confuse the most respected navigators. Impatient travelers may think to crest the mounds to gain vantage, but the risk can be great.

Aethos leans into the feathery neck of his gryph charger as it speeds down paths between the mounds, leaning into each curve. he yells back to his two companions, "We must get there faster, else our brothers and sisters will be unsuccessful...we have to start cresting" The other two Palladors share a glance but know better than to try to talk Aethos out of it. They know the risk, the stakes, and trust him.

The trio crest and descend the first hill, and approach the second as the earth begins to tremor. A sinkhole appears at the top of the second hill as the gryph-chargers hooves leave it. A sinkhole forms at the top of the third hill, just as Aethose clears the crest. As they ascend the third a beaked mouth pushes up from the earth with a scream and lunges at them, but the stormcast riders and mounts react too quickly. But as they leap over the emerging threat, they can see that all the mounds that mark their path forward are exploding with Sarcavian larvae. Aethos curses, "We drew more attention than I expected...we're close to the end, we'll need to jump through the winds."

In a blink, the three riders disappear from the mound, reappearing 3 mounds further on. Before the blind larvae can pinpoint them, they blink from tangibility once again. After a few minutes of searching but not finding their prey, the larvae slide back into their holes to await a meal that will help them grow.


  1. Awesome colour scheme. The red on the pale blue is very striking. Got a bit of a soft spot for the Anvils myself.

  2. Looking great, love the war paint and skin patterns