Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Red Blades, Swordmasters of the White Tower or Torc.

Hello My name is Robin, though on the GTA forums im known as Sennyo this is my blog or my order army The Red Blades in the Border War Campagin

Deep in the forest of The Great Green Torc lies the lone Spire that pierces the sky, known as the White tower of Torc, home to ArchMage Koinzell and the Red Blades, an elited battlion of swordmasters and loremaster under the eldritch council comand. Archmage Koinzell is a stubbon but battlehardern veteran who prefer to lead the Red Blades into battle before relying on this allies and the other forces of order. That being said he is known to work and fight along side many other faction from the local Sylvaneth to the Lion Rangers that have prowed and hunted these land. It is said that Archmage Koinzell and the other member of the eldritch council under his command will even ally themselve with the Shadowblades should the need arise, One of their members being a very common sight in Koinzell's warcouncil.

My plan in this campaign is to complete my Narative order army heavly based around the Eldritch council i have named the Red Blades. To begin with im am working on painting the Archmage himself as well as 2 units of swordmasters to follow him into battle. afterthat i plan to expand the army adding some more eldritch council units (maily dragons) and having at least a 2000 point army painted and ready to go. i also want to paint up a party of heroes for the warhammer quest games lead by my Red Blade Loremaster.

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