Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Battle Report: Seeking Alliance turns to Take & Hold

The blackness of their armor and grimness of their demeanor made the Anvils of Heldenhammer the perfect host to send to Shyish to parlay with the servants of death. While others sought Nagash himself, Lord Aquilor Caligo Gloomwing sought an alliance with some of his vampiric generals. Though an unpredictable and powerful force, she was determined to find common ground with someone - but the first 'someone' she ran into was none other than Mannfred.

Gloomwing's Stormcast Allegiance consisted of:

  • Lord Aquilor Gloomwing - Shielded by Faith, Mirrorshield
  • Knight Venator 
  • Lord Relictor
  • 10 Vanguard Hunters with Shock Axes
  • 3 Vanguard Palladors with Shock Axes x2 and Starstrike Javelin x1
  • 3 Vanguard Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows
  • 3 Aetherwing
  • 10 Liberators with Warhammer and Shield
  • 5 Judicators with Stormbolt Crossbows
1500 pts

Mannfred's Death Allegiance consisted of:
  • Mannfred, Mortarch of Night -
  • Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade and Standard
  • 10 Skeletons with Spears and Crypt Shield
  • 30 Skeleton Warriors with Sword and Crypt Shield
  • 10 Hexwraiths
  • 240 pts Reserved for Summoning

1460 pts

Scenario: Take & Hold. Mannfred wanted to know how many of Caligo's forces were active in this region of Shyish. Caligo Gloomwing sought to know what vampire lords would be open to such an alliance. Neither were eager to give the other the information they were looking for, without a test of steel first.

Setup: (below) Mannfred's skeleton's lined up across his objective, the spearmen to the left flank, the swordsmen in the middle and stretched to the right flank. The Wight King nestled amidst them. Mannfred was obviously agitated at the site of Gloomwing's force, his dread abyssal snorted and screamed in anticipation of the battle. It may have sensed the hunters hiding in pursuit, waiting to assess the battle before leaping in.

Turn1: (below) Mannfred eagerly took the initiative. The middle of the battlefield blacked with shyish magics and out of the amethyst churn appeared two Morghast Archai.  Manfred flew up the left flank and the Hexwraiths moved towards our objective. The Archai failed their charge and the Hexwraith's movement left her an opening on the right flank.

(below) So she called the aetheric winds and wisked Aethos and his palladors into pursuit, appearing on the right flank. The Palladors sought to diminish the skeleton horde to make room for the hunters to arrive at the back to control both objectives, while Caligo wanted to draw the Hexwraiths away from her main force. Only 6 skeletons died between combat and Battleshock due to their natural resilience and the Wight King's banner and only one Hexwraith fell. The Raptors lay but one wound on the imposing Archai.

Turn 2: (below) Not only did Caligo's charge pull the hexwraiths, but Mannfred sought the blood of the opposing general. The Archai charged deep into our ranks and sent a number of warriors back to the heavens. The skeletons regrew their ranks and any progress made was nullified.

(below) At the end of my Turn 2, the Lord Relictor had finished off the Archai, Aethos had ridden the Winds Aetheric in retreat. Under threat of the Hexwraiths reaching our objective, the hunters dropped into our own deployment, having been unable to breach the wall of bone on the other side of the battlefield. It was apparent that the Mannfred was not going to allow them to pass further that way, but neither was he able to pin down Caligo's forces. 

Final Result: Draw

Calligo retreated and regrouped and sought a new path to finding allegiance. It was a safe bet that Mannfred has made enemies amongst his own kind, perhaps reaching a draw on the battlefield would rally favor with other Vampiric Lords. 

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