Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Gore Gruntas

As Olrog's notoriety grows he has attracted numerous new followers. Amough the most useful are a trio of Gore Gruntas. The Horde has been without cavalry for sometime and they provide a useful tactical and strategic addition. That is until Olrog works out how to control the beasts himself. 

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Leviathan: A Challenge Accepted

Olrog sat hunched upon his crude throne. In the weeks since Bolg and Snikrod had left on the hunt things had progressed well. He had recruited several bands of Greenskinz to his service. His slaves had repaired the damage done by the Rogue Stoneboy and had been put back to work on the War Machine. Once the hunting party returned with the Stoneboy all would be ready. 

Ringoz was butchering an Aelf carcass at the base of the platform on which the throne sat.  Olrog gestured and Ringoz tossed him a thigh then grunted in surprise. Olrog looked up at the sound and saw what had caused the Warchanter to interrupt his meal.  The Aelf's blood was flowing uphill and pooling in front of his throne. The blood began to stretch into the air forming into a twisted humanoid shape. It possessed the character of both a man and breast moulded in grotesque parody of both. 

"Mojgorox" it rasped its fist thumping into its chest before pointing a clawed finger at Olrog 

"Artur Sigi and his griffin beastie become one under Tzeentch.  To get him now my father expresses passage through me"

Olrog clenched his fists at the mention of the hated Amber Mage. Waaagh energy formed around him, the pressure in the room building to a thunderhead. 

The bloody apparition raised its arm and gestured towards the path battered trough the jungle by the Stoneboy's rampage. With a bellowed Waaagh Olrog leapt to his feet and blasted the projection to mist with a burst of Wurrgog energy. The meaning of the visitation was clear. A challenge has been made.  Mention of the Chaos Trickster god meant it was also a trap but the Boyz had it seen it, making it one Olrog could not ignore.  Besides there was an empty trophy thong on Olrog's Juju Hacka ready for the Wizard's skull. Grabbing the Dragon bone weapon from the side his throne Olrog powered into the path of devastation cut by the Rogue Idol and the perusing Hunters. Olrog whooped with joy he would be joining the hunt. 

Monday, 29 May 2017

The Order of the Fiery Gate - Battle Report: Treasure Hunt

'There's ur-gold here... I can smell it,' said the Zangrom, peering over the blades of his axe as he stared over at the crumbling ruins just outside of the Hrukvorn encampment.

'Ruadhar wants the area mapped,' replied the Grungondi karl as he polished his magmapike. 'Nothing more, nothing less.'

'Isn't it out duty to reclaim the fragments of Grimnir wherever we know they are? You should know that better than any of us, temple guard.'

'My duty, grimwrath, is to obey the Runemaster of the Hrukvorn lodge,' replied the karl curtly. 'But if you will insist upon charging into unknown territory to sate you gold-lust, what choice will I have but to follow you? Grimnir help us, you are in charge of this mission.'

'Looks like we won't have a choice in the matter,' said Ulli, smiling darkly. 'Looks like my skeletal friend has come to make good on his threat.'

At the fire side of the ruins, the wight king could be seen pointing and shouting orders at his minions, a pitiful zombie shambling along at his side.

'He's got more of those... creatures with him...' said one of the vulkites who had come over to look.

'Creatures or nay, brothers, do you not feel the power of our god coursing through yours veins?' growled Ulli as he turned to address the fyreslayers under his command. 'I do. It cries out for gold! For glory! For the corpses of our foes cast down at our feet, cleaved in twain by the axes of our ancestors!'

The fyreslayers roared and cheered as Ulli paced back and forth before them, thick cords of muscle around his neck tightening as adrenaline and ur-gold intermingled in his blood.

'Who can stand before the cleansing power of fire? We are the anger of earth made manifest! We are Grimnir!


For the second part of our Skirmish series, Josh and myself would be playing Treasure Hunt from the newly published Age of Sigmar supplement. Playing again on a 4' x 4' table, we each deployed our entire force in a 12" x 12" corner of the board diagonally opposite one another. Five tokens were set up in the centre of the board as shown on page 23. Having finished deploying first, Josh decided to go first.

Note - As mentioned in my previous post, I realised upon writing that my own band was overpointed and will endeavour in future to ensure this doesn't happen again. I hope you still enjoy this post as a demonstration of the battleplan and Skirmish as a game mode.

Death: Turn 1

Wasting no time at all, Josh's dire wolves immediately rush towards the centre and top-centre artefacts, whilst the rest of his army slowly advanced behind them.

Josh now had the opportunity to search through two of the hoard piles for an artefact, but was unable to recover anything.

Order: Turn 1

I opted to rush forward with all of my fyreslayers towards the bottom-centre hoard pile, pushing my grimwrath and hearthguard to the fore to allow me to advance on the centre if needed.

I managed to get one hearthguard within 3" of this hoard, allowing me to search for an artefact. I also was unable to find anything this turn!


Josh (Death) won the priority roll for this turn and naturally chose to take the first turn in the next battle round.

Death: Turn 2

Josh continued his push to the centre ground, this time having some of his wolves circle around to the centre-right hoard. Unfortunately, one of his wolves started the turn a bit too close to a realmgate and was zapped for 1 wound.

Josh was able to search 3 hoards this turn, and managed to find 1 artefact in the dead centre of the board!

The rotting canids raked frantically at the ground, scrambling over one another in their desperation to get at whatever it was lay beneath the rancid ground. Running at the head of the fyrd, Ulli gritted his teeth and his knuckles turned white as he envisioned his axe bisecting the creatures before him. His grip slackened and his eyes widened as one of the beasts hauled from below the ground a circlet of gold, the morning sun flashing brilliantly off of its shining surface.

The Zangrom cackled wildly, his eyes ablaze with the power of the duardin warrior god.

'They bring us treasure from Grimnir, warriors of the Hrukvorn!' roared Ulli. 'Let us thank them!'

Order: Turn 2

My fyreslayers continued rushing towards the centre. With the newly revealed artefact, and the choke point between the two ruins either side, I decided to commit my warriors to a full-blown clash in the centre of the battlefield.

I was unable again to find an artefact in the bottom-centre horde, and meanwhile had my auric hearthguard (who I had decided would remain near the bottom-centre horde) pepper the dire wolves with molten rock bolts.


I managed to win the roll-off this time, and took priority.

Order: Turn 3

The grimwrath charged into the dire wolves at the centre, alongside his trusty hearthguard and a few of the vulkites. The grimwrath himself was wholly underwhelming here, failing to kill a single wolf. It is worth noting, however, that the dire wolves were doing phenomenally well with their saves, too.

However, the combined charge of the vulkites and the hearthguard proves too much for the dire wolves to withstand, and they slay the dogs to claim the centre artefact.

Still no artefact found at the bottom-centre hoard.

Death: Turn 3

Josh runs one of his dire wolves over to the centre-left hoard in this turn in a bid to maximise his chances of finding another artefact, taking care to make sure the wolf remains outwith the 3" of the Cursed ruin (which has a chance to inflict mortal wounds on him). Despite having models within range of 3 of the remaining 4 hoards, nothing turns up.

Elsewhere, the wight king and his entourage finally arrive in the centre of the fray. More dire wolves circle around behind the fyreslayers.

Just as Ulli bent down to retrieve the circlet laying in the earth, the hearthguard readied their poleaxes, whirling the braziers and shifting their stances in anticipation. Up ahead, the wight king strode forward, dark energy coalescing about him wherever he went. His hounds ran before him, howling and barking with all the savagery of living hunting hounds. The undead king drew his dark blade with a his and struck it against his shield in challenge.

The wight broke into a charge, rushing straight for Ulli and his fyrd, and Ulli answered in turn.

With a bestial roar, the Zangrom leaped into the air, his axe whirling about him and leaving fiery contrails in the air wherever it went. The wight drew close, and the axe came down. He brought up his shield to block, but underestimated the force of the blow, which knocked the shield down and crashed into the king's shoulder and brought him to his knees. Ulli landed ungracefully on his knees and the wight king stood back to his full height, his armour rent, his shield battered, and his bones broken. With a bass growl, Ulli leapt at the wight king once more with renewed fury, swinging his axe wildly at his foe. With dexterity that belied his appearance, the dead monarch, deftly blocked and parried the Zangrom's blows.

Ulli's breath came in heavy rasps as he sought to recover from the flurry of blows he had delivered. As he heaved his axe up into an attacking stance once more, the wight king brought his black blade down upon the fyreslayer, he quickly blocked the blow with the haft of his weapon. The wight swung his shield around and clattered it off of the Zangrom's body, leaving little more than a bruise where the blow had landed.

The two combatants staggered back to their feet and began circling one another again - the wight king cold and expressionless, the grimwrath grinning maniacally.

The wight king grossly under-performed here and whiffed all of his attacks, much to Josh's dismay (understandable considering how much of a powerhouse he was in the last game). My general managed to inflict a mighty 4 damage upon him, even with his 4+ save after rend and his 6+ death save. Despite managing to do so much damage, and weather so much myself, Josh was firmly in control of the centre ground at this stage with his superior numbers.


Once again, I won the priority roll and seized upon the opportunity to take the first turn of the round.

Order: Turn 4

Here I had the remaining hearthguard and vulkites charge into the centre. The combined shooting of the fyresteel throwing axes and the magmapikes did little damage, but I did manage to pick off at least 1 or 2 wolves. The slingshields managed to pick up a wound here and there too. But it was the combined killing power of the grimwrath and the hearthguard that slew the wight king and the remainder of his minions in the centre.

Having lost their general, the remaining members of the undead warband were reduced to Bravery 5 and were at the mercy of battleshock. 4 models in total were lost to battleshock, leaving 2 models in total in Josh's warband.

Death: Turn 4

In a last ditch effort, Josh had each of his remaining models search a hoard, but to no avail.

Result: Order Major Victory

Ulli spat upon the smoking ruins of the wight king's skull, having sent his soul howling back to Shyish. He returned his attention to the circlet the hounds had dug up, which the hearthguard were admiring amongst themselves, and greedily snatched it from the hands of the karl.

He held it up to the light, giddly watching the rays of the dim sun playing along its contours.

The Zangrom smirked.

'Ur-gold,' he said.


I felt that I was truly able to take advantage of my warband's synergies in this game where I hadn't in Clash at Dawn due to the random deployment. This is one of the single most enjoyable battleplans I've played in Age of Sigmar let alone Skirmish. I really liked the risk-reward dichotomy - not knowing where and when an artefact could appear makes for an interesting game. I was quite fortunate that nothing appeared in Josh's half of the board, and this again underpins to me that I could perhaps use a few cavalry or flying units to extend my reach as and when needed. Treasure Hunt is an excellent battleplan to play if you like having to alter your strategy on the fly. Josh and I have even discussed the possibility of altering it for use in the mega battles we like to organise every so often.

On another note, it was nice to finally see the grimwrath come into his own. I've used him in a few games of varying sizes now and I was always a bit underwhelmed by him. He definitely seems very well suited to skirmish.

The Order of the Fiery Gate - Battle Report: Clash at Dawn

Though darkness concealed much of the horrors of Mount Dextrous from sight, the stink of the Questing Reek still assailed the senses. Ulli Zangrom - grimwrath of the Hrukvorn lodge - grimaced as he peered into the darkness and could only make out but a handful of the scouting party he had been given command of.

'We're spread too thin...' whispered one of the hearthguard at the Zangrom's side. 'If we were to be ambushed here...'

'Words are wind, flameling,' said Ulli in response. 'Keep those sorts of helpful observation to yourself.'

The Zangrom cursed as he peered into the distance and could vaguely make out the glowing brazier from the vulkite karl's warpick disappear amongst a copse of dead trees. Just as he turned to speak to the fyreslayers following at his heels, a baleful, rasping howl filled the dead, pre-dawn air and was quickly followed by a chorus of hoarse barking. From within the ruins up ahead, a dim and unnatural light began to glow.

'The dead are waking,' said the grimwrath, tightening his grip around the haft of his fyrestorm axe. 'Make for the woods. Those idiots are as good as dead if we don't get there in time.'

Having recently procured a copy of the new Skirmish book for Age of Sigmar, my friend Josh agreed to play a couple of games both to help me out as part of the campaign, and also out of personal interest as a long time fan of Mordheim and other similar systems. As the objective states that two linked games of Skirmish are required, it seemed fairly sensible to give the Shadespire campaign a whirl. With Josh playing Death and myself playing the Fyreslayers, we set about playing Clash of Dawn.

Note - At the time of writing I realised that I had miscalculated my points and had a few more models on the field than I should have. This is something I will address for future games, of course! In the mean time, I hope you all still find these reports beneficial in some capacity - even if it is just as a demonstration of how Skirmish works!

For those who have not yet played, this scenario requires that the table (a 4' x 4' is recommended) be split into four quarters, numbered 1-4. During deployment, a dice is rolled for each individual model. The result determines which quarter they must be deployed in, with results of a 5 or 6 allowing the player to choose placement. The usual restriction of remaining 9" away from the enemy applies.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to keep my Vulkites together, and the ended up in the forest deployed thusly:

I was not so fortunate with the majority of my hearthguard and my general, who ended up scattered throughout the various corners of the board.

Josh's grave guard and wight king ended up staring them down on the other side like this (you can just about make out the woods in the bottom left of the picture):

Josh's warband included a number of dire wolves which ended up scattered throughout the board, in addition to a few more grave guard he deployed inside buildings. It became immediately apparent where the bulk of the action would take place, however!

Josh finished deploying first, and so took priority for the first turn.

Death: Turn 1

The wight king activated his Merciless Killer trait, adding +1 to wound to himself and friendly units within 6". Elsewhere on the board, the dire wolves and remaining grave guard began converging upon the berzerkers within the forest.

As expected, the Wight King and his band of undead miscreants immediately began slaying the defiant duardin:

As I recall, 2 fyreslayers were downed in this confrontation, meaning Josh only needed to kill 8 more to win. The vulkites performed rather underwhelmingly here, but did manage to remove a dire wolf and a grave guard or two:

Nevertheless, the held their ground in the battleshock phase.

Order: Turn 1

Having pinned the wight king and his bodyguard in combat, I sought to bring Josh's army down the my auric hearthguard's respectable shooting. The other nearby pike-wielding fyreslayers advanced as far as they could to ensure they were well within the required 12" as shooting was curtailed in this turn by the pre-dawn darkness. Elsewhere, my stranded hearthguard and general began the slow trudge to the fray:

The auric hearthguard loosed their molten rockbolts into the undead, only slaying the grave guard standard bearer after he soaked up 4 of the 6 shots hurled at him.

Another vicious round of combat sees the forest once again grow emptier:

The wight king - who already has a phenomenal 3+ save - was utterly immovable in the forest which granted him a 2+ save. Though most of his warriors - excluding one surprisingly agile zombie! - were vanquished, he fought defiantly on, cleaving into the fyreslayers with ease.


I won the priority roll and so took the first turn in the next round.

Order: Turn 2

Here I attempted to charge my general and accompanying hearthguard at the dire wolves making their way into the vulkite flank. The grimwrath failed his charge, but his two hearthguard rushed headlong at the undead hounds:

I managed to kill the last of Josh's grave guard in this turn, and I did shave off a wound here and there on his dire wolves, but they were proving a menace to deal with in this game being 2 wounds a piece and surprisingly numerous for something so tough and agile. My vulkites failed to wound the wight king once again.

Death: Turn 2

The remainder of Josh's dire wolves charged into the fight to set about my vulkites. My hearthguard karl killed the wounded dire wolf in the centre of the field meaning that I had vanquished a sufficient number of Josh's warband to claim victory!

But another dire wolf killed him back!

Result: Draw

'Fall back, you idiots!' barked Ulli at his warriors as the dragged their wounded brethren from the field.

The wight king - protected by his rotting pack of dogs - also appeared to be quitting the field. The creature glared across the ruins at the Zangrom and pointed his dark blade directly at him before defiantly drawing it across where his throat would once have been. He even seemed to throw back his head and cackle silently at the gesture.

Ulli glowered back at the undead warrior, cracking his knuckles one by one as he did so.


Having played The Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game a few times, I felt that this was very similar - especially as Age of Sigmar also uses the similar Priority system. Skirmish also has me excited at the prospect of using some units and characters that ordinarily I perhaps would not have an application or use for in larger games and I will most certainly be looking into perhaps adding some faster units like Skywardens or Wild Riders for grabbing objectives and such.

This particular battleplan makes for a very short game. I also felt at quite a disadvantage as a Fyreslayer player here - I am quite reliant on synergies to make my army work, and the mediocre movement stats of my pure infantry warband meant that recovering from the random deployment was quite difficult.

On the other hand, Josh's very mobile army was able to recover very easily in this scenario and has me considering adding some sort of equivalent unit to my own warband. He very easily circumvented the random deployment issue and was able to quickly converge on the area where the bulk of the combat took place. At 2 renown per model, dire wolves are an absolute steal for what they can do in Skirmish games.

Clash at Dawn definitely underpins the need for versatility in a Skirmish warband, and it is definitely something I will have to consider going forward - particularly as I am in the habit of wanting to field as many fyreslayers as possible!

Update for Judicator Squad Keystone

I realize that it's not a new model, but it's what I've been working on in May. I figured out how I was going to base my Stormcast and have been in the tedious process of removing them from the bases and then building the bases. Since these three squads were already finished paint-wise, I figured I'd start with their bases.
Squad Keystone

It's a pretty simple basing scheme. I bought a little roller from GreenStuffWorld and some air dry clay. Rolled out the clay onto each base and trimmed the excess, then left it to dry for a few days. After priming I just dry brushed celestra grey onto the brick parts and put gold on all the parts I wanted to be gold. Quick varnish to protect and blam, you have a finished base that looks like they're walking down the streets of Azyr.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Leviathan, Olrog Reveals his plan

The brooding silence of Mount Drextros was broken only by the shuffling feet of slaves and the harsh crack of the Orruk overseers' whips. The shambling figures represented a broad spectrum of the races found across the Realms, Human, Aelf, Duardin, Grot and Ogor all were goaded and driven into the black maw of the mine entrance. Few would see the light of day again. Shackled captive Ogors shunted wheeled cart filled with rust veined rocks in the other direction. 

Olrog stood on a nearby hillock observing the toil with a self satisfied smirk. 

"Iron Rock" he muttered to the gigantic Megaboss at his side 

"Wotz it for?" Bolg enquired with a puzzled expression 

"To make an Idol" 

Next came the inevitable "Wotz an Idol?" 

"It's like a statue dat moves"

"So it's a Stone Boy den"

Olrog's eye's widened slightly in surprise at his lieutenants recognition, before remembering the Megaboss has ruled his own horde and fought many battles across the Realms before his "recruitment" he'd probably seen a thing or two.  

"Yeah datz it"

"Wot do we need it fer, Boss" use of the honourific showed Bolg was aware he risked the Prophet's wrath with his persistent questioning. 

"Coz I sed so!" Thought the erstwhile Warboss, but something stayed Olrog on this occasion and he felt compelled to share his vision. 

"Do you member when Gothrog and iz Boyz got et by dat Pansy Dragon?" 

"Yer Boss, it woz pretty funny" 

Olrog was forced to concede that it had been pretty amusing seeing the scheming Irongut disappear into the Dragon's gullet, pretty fortuitous too considering he was getting a little too ambitious. 

"Yer right Bolg, but I can't have my best Boyz keep getting eaten by big flying lizards all da time when dey should be stomping oomies an stunties". Olrog realised he'd used too many words Bolg's eyes had glazed over and he'd taken to hitting a nearby tree with his Boss choppa. Olrog smirked to himself no danger of that one getting too ambitious or ambitious at all for that matter. 

It had taken months of ceaseless toil and and expended the live's of countless slaves but the Idol was near completion. Olrog directed two of his Brutes as they fixed the mask to the Idol's head and it was ready. 

In his fastness deep in the Great Green Torc Olrog  stepped back admiring the fruits of his labour. He was pleased, it was a fitting monument to Gorkamorka. Of course it was always meant to be more than a mere statue but than didn't mean it's majesty was lost on him. Bolg shambled to his side. 
"It's pretty big boss" he spoke with typical understatement. 

"It's supposed to be" came Olrog's retort, he was beginning to wish he'd employed someone a little more insightful as his second in command. Then Bolg surprised him, 

"Youse sure this is a good idea Boss?" 

Olrog started at his subordinate's caution not least because of the implied forethought. 

"Why's dat?" 

"Dem Stone boys can be a bit unpred..... unpredick...... dangerous"

"Dats the point Bolg, it's supposed to crump stuff up good, youse just sulking cos it's bigger dan you"

Bolg shrugged noncommittally. Olrog turned and gestured the waiting Boyz forward.  In to hall trooped the entirety of the Horde, lumbering Brutes, unstable Bonesplitterz and steel eyed Boyz. They gathered in an unruly mob around the Idol the largest shouldering their way to the front. 

Olrog nodded to himself as he took in the sight, the spiky oomies needed blood to power their magic, pansys and oomies needed powerful artifacts to call forth eldritch powers all he need was his boys. Basking in Greenskin superiority Olrog raised his arms and a hush descended across the hall. He opened his lungs 


The Horde echoed his cry


The defending bellow shook the timbers of the hall, hairline cracks snaked across stone floor. A spectral Green figure coalesced above the Idol before settling across it like morning mist. 

The Idol raised its head a sickly glow eminating from its eyes. It paused a fraction as if staring at an object In the distance, then with surprising speed and a thundering roar it lurched forward into a run. With a whoop of unbridled joy Blog leapt at the stone monstrosity swinging his choppa. The Idol caught him with a backhand blow sending the Megaboss crashing clean through the wall of the hall in a tangle of iron plate and timber. With all the power of the avalanche of rock that it was the Idol bowled the assembled Boys out of its way smashing its way clear of the Orruk encampment before disappearing into horizon. 

"Impressive" Olrog muttered to himself, he did need to get the Idol back though and he was not going to chase it around and Bolg was likely to attempt to smash it up if left unsupervised. Then he had it, 

"Lissen up youse Gitz" he barked at his Bonesplitter bodyguard, "Da one of youse who brings me da biggest catch gets to lead da boys to bring da Stoneboy back". Ever willing the prove their prowess the Bonespliterz barely paused for thought before pouring into the surrounding jungle to hunt. 

The Saurian burst from the undergrowth in a spray of shredded vegetation and tree sap. It's headlong charge did not slow as it cannoned across the clearing and back into the jungle. The Beast was a mighty apex predator of prodigious size and ill temperament but it was not hunting it was fleeing in terror.  It's assailant had looked like any other meal but walked on two legs. It moved so fast and hurt the Beast with it long fang. The Beast had fled from the danger but that had been many hours ago and it was tired to the point of exhaustion. The Beast was fast no meal had ever out run it and it would escape now. 

The Beast felt more tired than it ever had, its legs buckled and it slowed to walk. It felt out with its hearing, nothing was behind it, it was free. Exhausted it collapsed to the ground to rest gulping  large rasping breaths of air. A low humming sound triggered it's instincts. Jerking it's head up the Beast saw the Two Leg prowl out of the trees ahead of it. The Beast tried to stand but it's leg leg failed. The two leg bared its teeth and pounced. 

Snikrod plunged his Sitka Harpoon in the Saurian's brainstem ending its resistance. He had pursued it to exhaustion and it was unable to stand let alone put up a fight. Snikrod set about the grisly task of securing his trophy. Olrog would know his worth. 

Olrog nodded in appreciation at the giant Saurian head that had been laid out in offering before him. 

"You done well Snikrod" Olrog proclaimed "Take da big lads an da Spliterz an git da Stoneboy!"

Snikrod turned to leave "Wait" barked Olrog "Bolg you go an all". Snikrod's eyes narrowed briefly but he accepted the order with a tilt of his head. The gesture was not lost on Olrog, nor was the the glare of ambition in the hunter's eyes, he beckon his enforcer in close, 

"Lissen, Bring da Stoneboy back but leave da Hunta" 

Blog grimly nodded his head, this was a task he'd completed for the boss before.  


To bring his master plan to fruition Olrog has sent Snikrod Da Hunta, along with Bolg and his toughest Boys to recapture the escaped Rogue Idol. Olrog remains in his fortress amidst the jungles of the Great Green Torc. Intent on rebuilding his Horde and completing his mighty Warmachine 

May Monthly objective

Hi Guys sorry its a late monthly objective, but its a nice easy one this month anyway! So everyone should have a small little warband painted up now and now is the time to start your games and campaign in the Mortal Realms!

This month your objective is to play 2 linked games of Hinterlands or AoS Skirmish (should it drop in time), by linked games I mean, just continue the story or campaign over into the second game.

If you complete this objective you will receive 4 bonus tiles!

Also if you are new or haven't posted yet... get a blog post up and you'll gain an automatic 5 tiles!

Good luck everyone. Loving the progress so far