Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Leviathan, Olrog Reveals his plan

The brooding silence of Mount Drextros was broken only by the shuffling feet of slaves and the harsh crack of the Orruk overseers' whips. The shambling figures represented a broad spectrum of the races found across the Realms, Human, Aelf, Duardin, Grot and Ogor all were goaded and driven into the black maw of the mine entrance. Few would see the light of day again. Shackled captive Ogors shunted wheeled cart filled with rust veined rocks in the other direction. 

Olrog stood on a nearby hillock observing the toil with a self satisfied smirk. 

"Iron Rock" he muttered to the gigantic Megaboss at his side 

"Wotz it for?" Bolg enquired with a puzzled expression 

"To make an Idol" 

Next came the inevitable "Wotz an Idol?" 

"It's like a statue dat moves"

"So it's a Stone Boy den"

Olrog's eye's widened slightly in surprise at his lieutenants recognition, before remembering the Megaboss has ruled his own horde and fought many battles across the Realms before his "recruitment" he'd probably seen a thing or two.  

"Yeah datz it"

"Wot do we need it fer, Boss" use of the honourific showed Bolg was aware he risked the Prophet's wrath with his persistent questioning. 

"Coz I sed so!" Thought the erstwhile Warboss, but something stayed Olrog on this occasion and he felt compelled to share his vision. 

"Do you member when Gothrog and iz Boyz got et by dat Pansy Dragon?" 

"Yer Boss, it woz pretty funny" 

Olrog was forced to concede that it had been pretty amusing seeing the scheming Irongut disappear into the Dragon's gullet, pretty fortuitous too considering he was getting a little too ambitious. 

"Yer right Bolg, but I can't have my best Boyz keep getting eaten by big flying lizards all da time when dey should be stomping oomies an stunties". Olrog realised he'd used too many words Bolg's eyes had glazed over and he'd taken to hitting a nearby tree with his Boss choppa. Olrog smirked to himself no danger of that one getting too ambitious or ambitious at all for that matter. 

It had taken months of ceaseless toil and and expended the live's of countless slaves but the Idol was near completion. Olrog directed two of his Brutes as they fixed the mask to the Idol's head and it was ready. 

In his fastness deep in the Great Green Torc Olrog  stepped back admiring the fruits of his labour. He was pleased, it was a fitting monument to Gorkamorka. Of course it was always meant to be more than a mere statue but than didn't mean it's majesty was lost on him. Bolg shambled to his side. 
"It's pretty big boss" he spoke with typical understatement. 

"It's supposed to be" came Olrog's retort, he was beginning to wish he'd employed someone a little more insightful as his second in command. Then Bolg surprised him, 

"Youse sure this is a good idea Boss?" 

Olrog started at his subordinate's caution not least because of the implied forethought. 

"Why's dat?" 

"Dem Stone boys can be a bit unpred..... unpredick...... dangerous"

"Dats the point Bolg, it's supposed to crump stuff up good, youse just sulking cos it's bigger dan you"

Bolg shrugged noncommittally. Olrog turned and gestured the waiting Boyz forward.  In to hall trooped the entirety of the Horde, lumbering Brutes, unstable Bonesplitterz and steel eyed Boyz. They gathered in an unruly mob around the Idol the largest shouldering their way to the front. 

Olrog nodded to himself as he took in the sight, the spiky oomies needed blood to power their magic, pansys and oomies needed powerful artifacts to call forth eldritch powers all he need was his boys. Basking in Greenskin superiority Olrog raised his arms and a hush descended across the hall. He opened his lungs 


The Horde echoed his cry


The defending bellow shook the timbers of the hall, hairline cracks snaked across stone floor. A spectral Green figure coalesced above the Idol before settling across it like morning mist. 

The Idol raised its head a sickly glow eminating from its eyes. It paused a fraction as if staring at an object In the distance, then with surprising speed and a thundering roar it lurched forward into a run. With a whoop of unbridled joy Blog leapt at the stone monstrosity swinging his choppa. The Idol caught him with a backhand blow sending the Megaboss crashing clean through the wall of the hall in a tangle of iron plate and timber. With all the power of the avalanche of rock that it was the Idol bowled the assembled Boys out of its way smashing its way clear of the Orruk encampment before disappearing into horizon. 

"Impressive" Olrog muttered to himself, he did need to get the Idol back though and he was not going to chase it around and Bolg was likely to attempt to smash it up if left unsupervised. Then he had it, 

"Lissen up youse Gitz" he barked at his Bonesplitter bodyguard, "Da one of youse who brings me da biggest catch gets to lead da boys to bring da Stoneboy back". Ever willing the prove their prowess the Bonespliterz barely paused for thought before pouring into the surrounding jungle to hunt. 

The Saurian burst from the undergrowth in a spray of shredded vegetation and tree sap. It's headlong charge did not slow as it cannoned across the clearing and back into the jungle. The Beast was a mighty apex predator of prodigious size and ill temperament but it was not hunting it was fleeing in terror.  It's assailant had looked like any other meal but walked on two legs. It moved so fast and hurt the Beast with it long fang. The Beast had fled from the danger but that had been many hours ago and it was tired to the point of exhaustion. The Beast was fast no meal had ever out run it and it would escape now. 

The Beast felt more tired than it ever had, its legs buckled and it slowed to walk. It felt out with its hearing, nothing was behind it, it was free. Exhausted it collapsed to the ground to rest gulping  large rasping breaths of air. A low humming sound triggered it's instincts. Jerking it's head up the Beast saw the Two Leg prowl out of the trees ahead of it. The Beast tried to stand but it's leg leg failed. The two leg bared its teeth and pounced. 

Snikrod plunged his Sitka Harpoon in the Saurian's brainstem ending its resistance. He had pursued it to exhaustion and it was unable to stand let alone put up a fight. Snikrod set about the grisly task of securing his trophy. Olrog would know his worth. 

Olrog nodded in appreciation at the giant Saurian head that had been laid out in offering before him. 

"You done well Snikrod" Olrog proclaimed "Take da big lads an da Spliterz an git da Stoneboy!"

Snikrod turned to leave "Wait" barked Olrog "Bolg you go an all". Snikrod's eyes narrowed briefly but he accepted the order with a tilt of his head. The gesture was not lost on Olrog, nor was the the glare of ambition in the hunter's eyes, he beckon his enforcer in close, 

"Lissen, Bring da Stoneboy back but leave da Hunta" 

Blog grimly nodded his head, this was a task he'd completed for the boss before.  


To bring his master plan to fruition Olrog has sent Snikrod Da Hunta, along with Bolg and his toughest Boys to recapture the escaped Rogue Idol. Olrog remains in his fortress amidst the jungles of the Great Green Torc. Intent on rebuilding his Horde and completing his mighty Warmachine 

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