Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Leviathan: A Challenge Accepted

Olrog sat hunched upon his crude throne. In the weeks since Bolg and Snikrod had left on the hunt things had progressed well. He had recruited several bands of Greenskinz to his service. His slaves had repaired the damage done by the Rogue Stoneboy and had been put back to work on the War Machine. Once the hunting party returned with the Stoneboy all would be ready. 

Ringoz was butchering an Aelf carcass at the base of the platform on which the throne sat.  Olrog gestured and Ringoz tossed him a thigh then grunted in surprise. Olrog looked up at the sound and saw what had caused the Warchanter to interrupt his meal.  The Aelf's blood was flowing uphill and pooling in front of his throne. The blood began to stretch into the air forming into a twisted humanoid shape. It possessed the character of both a man and breast moulded in grotesque parody of both. 

"Mojgorox" it rasped its fist thumping into its chest before pointing a clawed finger at Olrog 

"Artur Sigi and his griffin beastie become one under Tzeentch.  To get him now my father expresses passage through me"

Olrog clenched his fists at the mention of the hated Amber Mage. Waaagh energy formed around him, the pressure in the room building to a thunderhead. 

The bloody apparition raised its arm and gestured towards the path battered trough the jungle by the Stoneboy's rampage. With a bellowed Waaagh Olrog leapt to his feet and blasted the projection to mist with a burst of Wurrgog energy. The meaning of the visitation was clear. A challenge has been made.  Mention of the Chaos Trickster god meant it was also a trap but the Boyz had it seen it, making it one Olrog could not ignore.  Besides there was an empty trophy thong on Olrog's Juju Hacka ready for the Wizard's skull. Grabbing the Dragon bone weapon from the side his throne Olrog powered into the path of devastation cut by the Rogue Idol and the perusing Hunters. Olrog whooped with joy he would be joining the hunt. 

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