Monday, 29 May 2017

Update for Judicator Squad Keystone

I realize that it's not a new model, but it's what I've been working on in May. I figured out how I was going to base my Stormcast and have been in the tedious process of removing them from the bases and then building the bases. Since these three squads were already finished paint-wise, I figured I'd start with their bases.
Squad Keystone

It's a pretty simple basing scheme. I bought a little roller from GreenStuffWorld and some air dry clay. Rolled out the clay onto each base and trimmed the excess, then left it to dry for a few days. After priming I just dry brushed celestra grey onto the brick parts and put gold on all the parts I wanted to be gold. Quick varnish to protect and blam, you have a finished base that looks like they're walking down the streets of Azyr.

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