Friday, 14 April 2017

Hinterlands: Praetorian452 vs Samurai Eduh

Knight-Azyros Halver Aura came out of his dive and started weaving through the ruined buildings. Within moments he had caught back up to the rest of the warband.

“Lord-Relictor Warden, I found the Ironjaws up ahead. They appear to be looking for something as well.”
“That does not bode well, Halver. What is your call? How shall we proceed?”
“Split up, We must deny these greenskins whatever they came for. After the loss on the mountain they can not be allowed to gain anymore power.”

Warchanter ‘Ead Banga stomped up to the Brutes lounging in the sun. Before any of them realized it, the warchanter was right on top of them smashing each over the head with his Gorkstikk and Morkstikk.

“Get up ya gitz! Dis no time to be hangin ‘round! Dat Shakey Nob sent us here to get ‘im da scroll, and yous need to get wiff da pogram!”

The Brutes got up and started moving. In the distance there was a glint of light.

Da Cripple looked up and started yelling, “Oy, Boss! Dem shiney ‘umeys are up ahead! Des mus be afer dat fing Shakey be wanten.”

“Leggit, boys! Turns out we’s gonna have a fight! WAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


The second game of the night was a game of Hinterlands between Ed and I. Hinterlands for those that don’t know is a fan made skirmish version of Age of Sigmar. It can be found on The Grand Alliance forum. I cannot recommend this variant enough. The games are short, but extremely fun. They push you to tactics that are lost in the grand battles of a regular game of Age of Sigmar, but still retain the essence of the greater game.

Samurai Eduh (Ed):
'Ead Banga - Warchanter
Gut Rippa - Brute Boss
Big Stabba - Brute
Da Cripple - Brute

Praetorian452 (Scott):
Warband Name: Sigmar’s Hidden Blades
Halver Aura - Knight-Azyros
Gervas Warden - Lord-Relictor
Tithgar - Liberator Warhammer/Shield
Ildir - Liberator Warblade/shield
Oses - Liberator Grandblade
The scenario for this mission was The Lost Artifact, and the goal of the mission is to collect all six pieces of a scroll. At the end of the fifth round the player with more pieces is declared the winner, the game will continue until one player has more pieces.

We set up on opposite sides of a 4’x4’ board. Down the middle the scroll pieces were spread out. They were supposed to stay within 6” of the mid-line and no closer than 6” to each other.

Ed spaced his Brutes across the board and put his Warchanter in the middle. I put the shield Liberators on the left, Azyros in the center, and the Relictor and Grandblade on the right.

Turn One:
Ed took first turn as he finished deploying first. He moved up as far as he could managing to grab an objective.

I used my movement to move towards the center. With the 12” move of my Azyros I was able to grab one of the fragments
Turn Two:
Ed got initiative and moved his Brute with the objective back towards his board edge. He moved the Brute on the outside up toward the objective in front of him. The Warchanter and other brute moved to the base of the rock formation.

I used my turn to try to push hard. I moved the Azyros up to the top of the rocks in front of the Warchanter. The Lord-Relictor and Grandblade Liberator moved toward the lone brute. The other two Liberators took the two objectives on the opposite side from the lone Brute.

The Azyros made a bold move then and charged the Warchanter. He only managed to deal one wound to the Chanter. The Chanter fought back but also only managed to output one wound, and the Brute got pulled into the combat with the Azyros. The Brute was able to finish off the Azyros, leaving the two scroll pieces he was carrying right next to the Orruks. The Relictor and Grandblade charged the lone Brute. The Brute hit the Relictor hard and brought him down to one wound. The Relictor and Grandblade struck back and the Liberator was able to finish the Brute off.

Turn 3:
Ed got the initiative and took the opportunity to grab the two objectives that my Azyros dropped. While the Warchanter was doing that the Brute with him started to head toward the two Liberators.

The Relictor was able to call a healing storm on himself in the hero phase, bringing him back up to three wounds.
I was able to move my Relictor and Grandblade up to charge distance from the Warchanter, while the other two Liberators moved back to stay away from the angry looking Brute coming for them.
The Relictor and Grandblade charged into the Warchanter and were able to kill him, while the Warchanter was able to bring the Relictor down to one wound.

Turn 4:
Ed pulled off the initiative and started moving his brutes back up to engage the Relictor and Liberators. They charged the Relictor and managed to kill him. The Grandblade got pulled into combat and killed one of the Brutes.

On my turn I started moving the shield Liberators back toward combat. When we got to the combat phase the Grandblade charged the last Brute and killed him.

With the death of the Brutes I held all of the pieces of the scroll. I rolled to find the artifact but did not find it, so I get +1 to my artifact roll next time we play the scenario.

For the rolls on the injury tables: my Azyors rolled a 6 leading to full recovery and 2d6 experience, and the Relictor ended up with -1 to his save rolls.
The rest of the Liberators survived and got their d6 experience, and the Grandblade got enough experience to level up. With the advancement roll he went up to +1 wound for a total of 3 wounds.

Ed chose to restart his warband. He figured that having only 4 models was not the most efficient size.

Liberator Oses looked around. His brother liberators had gathered the last of the scroll fragments and were searching the Greenskin bodies for any valuable information. With the deaths of the Lord-Relictor and Knight-Azyros it was up to him to get the rest of the band back to Azyr.

“Let’s get moving. We can’t be sure that this was the only greenskin warband, and I want to be long gone before any more arrive.”

The other two Liberators looked up from their work and nodded, showing Oses a deferencial attitude that they had not had before the battle. He would get them back to the rest of their brothers, they deserved that much from him.


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