Monday, 10 April 2017

Skaven Tourney Report (Game One vs Steve Herner's Skaven)

Hello Everyone,

I was able to make it to a 2000 point tourney up in the Twin Cities this last Saturday and had three great games with three great opponents.  I will try to recount my adventures below.  I would love to hear any thoughts or questions you might have so leave a comment below!

My list:

Verminlord Warbringer - General, Chaos Talisman, Cunning Deceiver
Deathmaster Snikch
Skaven Warlord (counts as Queek!)
Plague Priest w Censer
Warlock Engineer

40 Clan rats
30 Clan rats
10 Clan rats

10 Stormvermin
6 Giant rats
warpfire thrower
warpfire thrower
ratling gun

Warp Lightning Cannon
Warp Lightning Cannon

Verminus Clawpack

The idea is to force my opponents to come to me with the Cannons then get in a big scrap in the middle with buffed up big blocks of clanrats.  While everything is locked together I can rain short range death on them with the warpfire throwers, plague priest, ratling gun, etc.  One buffed up clanrat unit with death frenzy, a warlord buff, and a warbringer command ability buff is no joke!

Game One: My Skaven vs. Stephen Herner's Skaven

A Skaven off!  I have been attending Steve's amazing Holy Wars tournaments for the past few years but never had the chance to play him.  We get matched up round one and I see that we are running very similar lists with a few differences (3 WLCannons, 3x20 clanrats, 30 stormvermin, only warlord and warbringer for characters).  His army is beautiful and won best painted for the tournament.  All of his rats have been heavily converted with puffy sleeves and jaunty hats!

The scenario has us searching 3 midtable objectives with our heroes for a hat,  The first token searched the hat is found on a 5+, if not there the 2nd token finds it on a 4+, if not found under token 1 or 2 it is automatically under the third.  A hero within 3 inches is allowed to search during the hero phase and then carries it with them until killed.  Secondary objectives include controlling table quarters and getting a unit to exit the opponent's table edge.

We set up warily eyeing each others warp lightning cannons (there are a total of 5 on the board!) so we dance around each other for a bit.  He gets some good rolls to snipe out both of my cannons with his while I only snipe one in return (although I am able to charge and kill a second).

 A notable battle took place between my big block of 40 clanrats and his 30 Stormvermin.  His Sotrmvermin had the Warbringer buff on them but my clanrats had all the buffs up.  This meant that we took great big chunks out of each others' units.  Death frenzy was great for this and racked up quite a tally of kills.

Go forth my children!

The big scrum begins...

The bloodbath aftermath!

With the giant combat winding down and most of the cannons eliminated our characters start heading towards the objectives, our small units start trying to make it to the opposite table edge, and we start looking to consolidate our table quarters.  A notable but short-lived battle occurs when Steve charges his doomflayer into my clanrats only to find Deathmaster Snikch waiting for him!  Snikch makes short work of the rolling abattoir making us wait until another day to see what the little machine can do!

 Now you see it...

Now you dont!

In the closing turns our characters reach the objectives.  A few of the smaller battles finish playing out, and on the last turn I make the first roll to check for the hat with my Warbringer and roll the 5+!  I majorly lucked out with this roll and retreat with the hat to win the game.  Steve and I both accomplish the secondary objectives and if not for me rolling that 5+ Steve would have made it out with the hat and the big win instead!

The warlord grabs the hat!  (The little yellow poker chips)

 The Deathmaster does not sruvive this...

Great game with lots of dead rat bodies all over the place.  As you can see the board is a lot emptier than it was when we started!

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