Monday, 10 April 2017

Skaven Tourney Report (Game two vs. Ironjawz)

Hello Everyone,

I was able to make it to a 2000 point tourney up in the Twin Cities this last Saturday and had three great games with three great opponents.  I will try to recount my adventures below.  I would love to hear any thoughts or questions you might have so leave a comment below!

My list:

Verminlord Warbringer - General, Chaos Talisman, Cunning Deceiver
Deathmaster Snikch
Skaven Warlord (counts as Queek!)
Plague Priest w Censer
Warlock Engineer

40 Clan rats
30 Clan rats
10 Clan rats

10 Stormvermin
6 Giant rats
warpfire thrower
warpfire thrower
ratling gun

Warp Lightning Cannon
Warp Lightning Cannon

Verminus Clawpack

The idea is to force my opponents to come to me with the Cannons then get in a big scrap in the middle with buffed up big blocks of clanrats.  While everything is locked together I can rain short range death on them with the warpfire throwers, plague priest, ratling gun, etc.  One buffed up clanrat unit with death frenzy, a warlord buff, and a warbringer command ability buff is no joke!

My opponent for this game brought a pretty standard Ironjawz force with an Ironfist battalion.  He has a 10, 5, and 5 of brutes, 10 ardboys, 2x3 gruntas, a mawcrusha, chanter, wizard, and foot boss.

The scenario is to kill more of the opponent than they kill of you with a twist.  All battleline units can re-enter the board after being killed!  Secondary objectives are to collectively kill over 2000 points of stuff throughout the game and to hold three objectives along the center line with heroes.  This board is interesting as it has a huge piece of deadly scenery in the middle of the board.  This is the shifting sands table that Herner brought from his Holy Wars collection and is the signature table of this tourney!

I deploy centrally and my opponent goes for a strong push on my right flank.  He is wary of taking on the Warp Lightning Cannons head on and starts making has way around my flank.

He spots my 10 stormvermin holding down my extreme right flank and gets off a foot of Gork that passes the 4+ to keep going over and over again killing all 10! (Foot kill count: 10 Stormvermin)

Over the next two turns he crashes into my 40 strong and fully buffed clanrat unit with gruntas and brutes with each side wiping the other out only to come back on the table the following turn (and in our case they return to the exact same spots to do it all over again)!

At one point I have a really safe wall of 30 clanrats up to hold the line but that Weirdnob comes up and drops another Foot of Gork down.  He rolls so many 4+ that my head is spinning.  By the time it is all over he does 20 mortal wounds to the unit!!! (Foot kill count: 10 Stormvermin, 20 clanrats)

In the closing turns he gets off another Foot of Gork, this time targeting my Verminlord Warbringer.  He again rolls a series of 4+ rolls and I fail all my chaos talisman rolls which equals a very big but very squished rat demon.(Foot kill count: 10 Stormvermin, 20 clanrats, 1 Verminlord)

In the end I am able to hold back the green tide just long enough to secure a minor victory and I also get both of the minor objectives.  In the end I think I killed something like 35 brutes and he killed somewhere in the neighborhood of 120 clanrats, what a bloodbath!  That weirdnob shaman was incredible!  In three castings he killed 660 points doing over 42 mortal wounds!  I am lucky my clanrats are so cheap as this allowed me to absorb a lot of his punch and let my support units hit back against the brutes.

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