Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Iron Fist

As the Waaagh energy released by Olrog blasted out it transformed not just him. The Ard boys were similarly elevated becoming full blow Ironjaw Brutes. Their armour blasted back to the bare metal they are Olrog's elite, clanking behemoths of tarnished iron plate and Orruk flesh. 

I cannot remember a unit I've enjoyed painting as much as these Ironjawz. The way GW produces the current plastic models makes painting them so enjoyable. The multitude of parts does increase the time it take to build but provides much crisper detail.  Gone are dead areas in the detail that occur on the older models such as the Ard Boyz where it became a little difficult to tell what is supposed to be metal and what is cloth.  Due to the level of fun I was having with these I took a bit more time than I usually do adding extra layers of highlighting and using glazes between them to blend the colours togeather. I'm enjoying adding new techniques to my skill set.

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