Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Adepticon Vanguard Game 2 Skaven vs GW's Pete Foley

After my rats took home a big win in game one I was matched up against Games Workshop Design Studio's own Pete Foley!

Here is my army list for the tournament:

Verminlord Warpseer - General with Chaos Talisman and Cunning Deceiver
Deathmaster Snikch - nuff said

10 clanrats with rusty blades
30 clanrats with rusty blades

1 ratling gun

3 stormfiends with warpfire projectors - yeah yeah, i know

Pete was running a very hard and tough Tzeentch demons army with 2 Lords of Change, 20 pink horrors, and a summoning pool of enough blue and brimstones to almost cover all the pink horror splitting abilities.  This army was very well painted and it was great to see the new big birds on the table.

The scenario was quite unique.  Each player placed two objectives anywhere on the map but not within 12 inches of each other.  For deployment there were no player territories.  Instead, each player deployed a unit at a time, touching bases to base with at least two other models in the unit, anywhere on the board at least 9 inches away from the opponent.  The trick though is that no one can move in the movement phase of the first turn.  This can lead to both armies mixed up all over the board but for our game Pete set up defensively around his two objectives and I deployed in a big net around him.  You score points by having the most bodies on an objective at the end of each of your turns

Pete rolls his 9 destiny/fate dice and all I see is a sea of 6s.  I think he rolled 4 or 5 6s and had several others that were 4s or 5s.  This is a great start for Pete and might mean an uphill battle for my whiskered friends.

Since Pete had less units he chose to go first.  His first act was to summon in his second lord of change.   Between his hero phase and shooting he was able to bring my Verminlord down to something like 3 wounds left and killed about half of my big clarat block. but everything in his force stayed put.

On my turn I was completely shut down in the magic phase (which is a shame since my wizard is pretty sweet) thanks to that sweet Tzeentch magic skills.  I was, however, able to chuck my orb at one of the birds and get a charge off with my clanrats into some of his horrors holding one of the objectives.  This is when I reveal Deathmaster Snikch!  He hops out of the clanrats and scoots over to deliver the coup de grace against the (mortally wounded) Lord of Change!

Interestingly I chose not to attack with my clanrats at all because I had a few more clanrats than he had horrors on the objective.  If I had attacked he could have split them into blue horrors and taken back control.  The gambit paid off due to him not killing any of my clanrats so I was able to wrestle away his objective this turn!

I believe Pete gets the next turn which leads to us saying goodbye to the Verminlord, though he did some damage before leaving the table.  He is able to take back his objective by shooting up the clanrats which brings it back to each of us holding two objectives but I am a few points up.  He doesnt really want to come out after my stormfiends and ratling cannon and I dont really have the strength to come after his Lord of Change.  Snikch survives thanks to his cloak not allowing anyone to target him  unless they are within 6 inches.  He is a great character for the Skaven and I am surprised he is not in many lists.

On my turn I blow up a unit of pink horrors that turn into blue horrors with my stormfiends and plink away a few of the pinks in the first unit.  Pete does a great manuever by summoning the blues off this unit in a long line to contest one of my objectives.  Very well done!

I think I get the double turn and run Snikch into the other Lord of Change but he gets taken out in the end.  The stnadoff ends in Pete's turn as he trieds to run out his Lord of Change in a last ditch effort to win the game.  I am few poonts up on him and he needs to kill both my ratling cannon and my stormfiends.  Alas, my ratling crew live charmed lives as I make two 6+ saves out of three to keep them on the table and holding the objective!

In the end I won but did not achieve my secondary objectives.  Pete was a great opponent and ran a great list.  I think this scenario was tough for him as I started so close and his army is better suited to stand off and delay.  He did have a strong ability to hold onto his objectives with the horrors which caused me to scratch my head on how to get rid of them without just giving him more bodies!  Those fate dice had me worried at first but with the early pressure from the Deathmaster I was able to draw a lot of them out for armor saves on his big birds.  Rats of the match are definitely Snikch and the lucky ratling gun crew!

At the end of this gae I have two victories and end up on table 3 vs Jesse's Ironjawz.  Before the game Alex Gonzalez approaches us and asks us to be on Warhammer TV!  This is very exciting and I am hoping I can grab a few screen shots to post up a decent battle report here.  

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