Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Vermin March on Adepticon (and onto Warhammer TV)!

I want to share some of my ratty adventures at Adepticon through a few battle reports.

I only played in a three game vanguard tournament (1000 points) and I only really have pictures from the first two games as the third game was actually on Warhammer TV!

My list was based on the fact that I did not have enough bases to put my rats on to get a true horde so I had to rely on some bigger models to fill out my force.  Here it is:

Verminlord Warpseer - General with Chaos Talisman and Cunning Deceiver
Deathmaster Snikch - nuff said

10 clanrats with rusty blades
30 clanrats with rusty blades

1 ratling gun

3 stormfiends with warpfire projectors - yeah yeah, i know

In my first game I ran up against a mixed chaos demon list with 10 pink horrors, 10 plague bearers, a Great Unclean One, 10 Flesh Hounds and a soul grinder.  There may have been another unit that I am forgetting but it didnt really affect anything.

The first thing I noticed is that he had demons from several Chaos gods which meant he didnt have a lot of the regular synergies you might expect normally.  The mission was to claim four points on the board, two in each deployment zone.  If you could hold all four at once you win.

We both deployed centrally on the board.  I had a little unit of 10 clanrats holding an objective in the woods on one side (facing off against the 10 flesh hounds) and the rest of my army on the other side on a big hill (hills gave cover in this tournament) facing the rest of his army.

My opponent comes marching towards me with his soul grinder in the lead.  Some shots are fired back and forth but nothing too major happens turn one.

Turn two sees the soul grinder crash into my big 30 rat unit but he doesnt do a lot of damage.

On my turn, i readjust my lines with the stormfiends actually leaving the hill to go take care of the flesh hounds that had charged my ratling gun but failed to kill it (they only had one hound that could reach me to attack).

Back on the hill, between my Verminlord and clanrats we were able to bring down the soul grinder!

With two of his big hitters out of the picture he was forced to keep throwing units into the fray.  On my turn I dropped the verminlords orb on the plague bearers (causes 6 mortal wounds on slow units) and hit the GUO with warpfire throwers.  Also Deathmaster Snikch makes an appearance and aces the (mortally wounded) GUO!  Go Deathmaster!

At this point he does not have much left.  I am able to retreat out of combat with his pink horrors with the Verminlord to capture the 4th objective (my little 10 clanrat unit made it to the other one) which instantly won me the game!

Ultimately the fact that his army did not have strong synergy and that he sent his units in one by one caused me to get the big win.  I like the way my army can absorb a lot of damage and has just enough ranged punch to force the opponent to come to me.

 I succeeded in all my other objectives and got max points which placed me on table two for the second round!

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