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2k Battle Report: Samurai Eduh's Ironjaws vs Praetorian452's Stormcast

Lord Celestant Harduoin surveyed the field from atop his Dracoth, Bilrai. He imagined he could see the power emanating from the points that the Mage Navarre Tralee had described. The Elf has claimed that he had a vision of Three places of Power being used to summon summon the aspect of Gorkamorka to bring more power to an Ironjaws warchief. With this power the warchief would become nearly unstoppable and could make great gains on Mount Dextros. The Elf said that they were needed elsewhere and couldn’t spare the detor.

The only reason he had agreed to this march was because Lord Veritant Neel had said he could sense a powerful wizard with the Ironjaws force. In his former life he had been a very effective witch hunter, so his word was more valuable to Harduoin than an Elf’s.

It didn’t take long before he heard the stomp of heavy armored boots, and the bellow of a mighty creature. Seeing the red plate of the Ironjaws marching onto the field filled Harduoin with the thrill of battle. He would show these creatures the might of Sigmar!

Ed and I met up for a game night and decided to get a 2000 point game in. Ed brought his freshly painted Maw Krusha to take on my Stormcast which has some new additions.

I apologize ahead of time, we only managed to get pictures of the first two turns.


Samurai Eduh’s (Ed) list:Megaboss on Maw Krusha
Wierdnob Shaman
15 Brutes with Jagged Gore-Hackas
2x 10 ‘Ard Boys
3x Gore Gruntas
Iron Fist battalion

Praetorian452’s (Scott) List:
Lord Celestant on Dracoth
10 man Liberators w/Warblades and 2 grand-blades
10 man Liberators w/Hammers and 2 grand-hammers
5 man Liberator squad w/Hammers
5 man Judicators squad w/skybolt bows and Prime with Shockbolt bow
Hammerstrike Force:
    Prosecutors w/ paired Celestial Hammers
    Protectors with one Starsoul Mace


We played 3 Places of Power from the General’s Handbook.

Ed won the deployment roll off and deployed his iron fist battalion at one go, There after it was alternating until all units were deployed. I finished last leaving the Paladins in the Celestial Realm to be brought in later by the Prosecutors.

I used my Alliance Command Trait of Cunning Strategist to move up both of my large liberator units 5” before Ed took first turn.


With a sound of clashing thunder the Stormcast lines crashed into the waiting Ironjaws. The Liberators lead the charge, hoping to blunt the Ironjaws before they managed to build up momentum. The Prosecutors flew up towards the line and raised their hammers, calling down searing bolts of lightning. Out of the lightning ran the Retributors, charging into the Brutes. Their hammers were sparking with barely contained lighting from their rapid deployment.


Turn One:
Ed played this cautiously using his destruction moves to only move up to just about the line between deployment zones. He didn’t quite manage to get Mystic Shield off on his Brutes, but did give them +1 attack from the Warchanter. He ended his turn without any charges.

I started my turn with Lord of the Host to give the anti-battle shock bubble. I then attempted to use the Relictor’s Blessed weapons on the 10 man hammers, it didn’t go off. I then started moving forward. With nothing to contend with on my right flank I ran the 5 man Liberators and Lord-Veritant up to try to get the objective on that side. I moved the Judicators on the same flank fully into cover and to hopefully start putting fire into Orruks. I used the Hammerstrike ability to bring the Retributors, putting them in a good position to charge the Brutes in the middle of the board. I put the shots front he Judicators into the Brutes, causing no wounds. I then tried to use the Celestant’s stormbreath on the brutes as well, again causing no damage. I also tried using the Azyros’ Star Fated Arrow ability on the Warboss on Maw Krusha, missing fantastically and also forgetting to use the Star Eagle’s ranged attack.

I then charged the 10 man Hammers and Retributors into the brutes, failing the 10 man Swords charge into the ‘Ard Boys on the left.
With the Retributors being in the combat I chose to fight with them first, they were supercharged from coming in near the Prosecutors. I was hoping that with them being thus charges that they would be able to kill some more brutes, this proved to be a forlorn hope as they only managed to kill one Brute. The Brutes then fought back, killing one Retributors and two Liberators. The Liberators struck next managing to wound one Brute.

Something had gone wrong. The Ironjaws had been more resilient than he had anticipated. The Liberators and Retributors attack had been blunted, and now the large beast was moving in to attack the Retributors from the side.

It was time to risk everything. Calling out to Knight Vexillor Darthos, “Call up a storm, brother! We need to get Venator Seamus out of combat and behind their lines.”

With a mighty yell, Darthos raised his pennant and called forth the fury of Sigmar’s Storm. Knight-Venator Seamus was instantly sucked into the air and came down behind the Warboss walking his way up to the far right place of power.

Haduoin also knew that the giant beast needed to be dealt with. He ordered the Prosecutors to move forward. Once they were there they raised their hammers once more and called down the Protectors. With their glaives they should be able to deal with that beast in short order.


Turn Two:
Ed won initiative and used it to his full advantage. He moved the Maw Krusha up to to get a good position to charge the Retributors. He also moved the ‘Ard Boys up to charge the Sword Liberators and moved the regular Warboss up to take the objective on the left flank. He then moved onto the charge phase where he charged the Sword Liberators with the ‘Ard Boys and the Retributors with the Maw Krusha. Upon completing the charge into the Retributors, his Maw Krusha’s crushing weight took down 3 of remaining Retributors and finished him off with the remaining attacks from the Warboss riding the Krusha.
I took advantage and used my activation to get attacks in from the leftovers of the Hammer Liberators into the Brutes before the were finished off. They managed to cause a couple wounds, but only managed to kill one injured Brute and wound another.
Ed activated the Brutes next and wiped out the Hammer Liberators. I activated the Sword Liberators and managed to kill two ‘Ard Boys. The ‘Ard Boys fought back and killed one Liberator and wounded another.
My Knight-Venator was technically locked in combat due to being within three inches from the ‘Ard Boys, but was safe behind the Liberators.

When I started my turn I decided to take some gambles. I used the Knight-Vexillor’s Pennant of the Stormbringer to catapult the Knight-Venator out of combat and behind the ‘Ard Boys and 9” away from the Warboss on foot. I then used the Lord-Relictor’s Blessed Weapons to Bless the Lord-Celestant’s Tempestuous Hammer.
During my movement phase I moved the Lords Celestant and Relictor up to get a charge off on the Brutes. I moved the 5 man Liberators, Prosecutors and Lord-Veritant up to try to get a charge on the Maw Krusha. I also brought the Protectors in from the Celestial realm, 6” from the Prosecutors and 9” from the Krusha.
In my shooting phase I was as aggressive as I could be. I attempted to use my stormbreath from the Celestant on the Krusha and the Brutes, but it failed to hit either of them. I then fired the Judicators bows into the Krusha, hitting with all the bows, but only securing one unsaved wound. The Prosecutors threw their hammers at the Krusha as well, again with little success. The Knight-Venator attempted to shoot it’s regular shooting attacks at the Warboss on foot and was unable to produce a wound to even be saved.
On my charge phase, everything that could charge attempted to do so. My Knight-Venator failed the 9” charge into the Warboss. My Lord-Relictor failed the charge into the brutes, but my Lord-Celestant managed to make the charge to the Brutes. None of the units set to deal with the Maw Krusha( Protectors, Prosecutors, Lord-Veritant, Liberators) made a high enough charge roll to make it into combat with the Krusha.
The Lord-Celestant managed to deal only a couple wounds leading to one dead Brute. The Brutes then piled in and surrounded the Celestant dealing him many wounds, of which he was unable to save 3. The continuing mosh pit of Sword Liberators and ‘Ard Boys ended up with another 2 dead from each.

The lines were breaking. Lord-Celestant Harduoin had had to rush into battle himself, there was nothing else that he could do. The Greenskins had nearly overwhelmed the left flank. Knight-Venator Seamus had failed to kill the Warboss and he would very likely be charged now.

When he himself struck the Brutes his hammer felt as though it was hitting solid rock. He was only able to fell one of the monsters before they started rushing around him, tearing at the flanks of Belrai and gouging his greaves.

He could feel the battle slipping from his grasp. If something didn’t change soon they would lose the places of power to these green-skinned barbarians.


Turn Three:
I was really hoping that I could secure the double turn on this initiative roll as I was badly out of position. However, that was not to be. Ed pulled the initiative and used it quite savagely.

He gave Inspiring Presence to the Brutes, and cast Arcane Bolt on the Celestant which the Lord-Veritant was unable to unbind. The Bolt did 2 wounds to the Celestant.
In Ed’s movement, he moved thus: the Warboss moved to 3” away from the Knight-Venator and the Maw Krusha jumped over my lines to be 3” away from the back of the Lord-Celestant. He then charged the Celestant, made the charge, and with his Crushing Weight thingy did enough mortal wounds to the Celestant to finish him off. Having killed him he was then able to use the special ability which allows him to charge again if he killed all the units within 3” of his combat, so he charged the Lord-Relictor. Upon the charge he caused 5 mortal wounds, killing the Relictor instantly. This left him able to do the recharge again, this time into the Knight-Vexillor. The crushing weight claimed another hero dealing enough mortal wounds to kill him. He then used the ability one last time and charged the 5 man Liberator squad that was nearby. He only managed to kill two of the Liberators with the Crushing Weight thing though which ended the rampage.

With the rampage over we moved on to the rest of the Combat phase. The Warboss on foot got into combat with the Venator and (having taken a sip of his battle brew earlier) Killed him right off. The Hammer Liberators managed to take another wound off the Maw Krusha before he pounded them into lightning. The last two Sword Liberators managed to kill one more ‘Ard Boy before losing one to the Boys weapons and later the other to Battleshock. The only other unit that fought was the Judicators. During its charge into the Liberators the Maw Krusha came within 3” of the Judicators, so they piled in and attacked it. They did no damage but they did do one important thing, they locked it down in combat.

On my turn there wasn’t much I could do. I had been wiped off the left side of the table. So I used the time to move everything I had left into position to attack the Maw Krusha and finish it off. Everything managed to get their charges off: Lord-Veritant, Protectors, Prosecutors, and Judicators(which were already in the combat).

I started with the Protectors, hoping that they could kill off the Krusha by themselves. They attacked with much vigor. The Krusha was able to use his talisman of protection to nullify the mortal wounds from the Starsoul Mace. The glaves brought him down to only a couple wounds left. The Krusha tried  to hit the Lord-Veritant next but with so much damage done was unable to deal any wounds to the Lord. The Veritant tried to finish the beast off, but completely failed to do any damage. Finally the Prosecutors were able to finish the Krusha off. This ended my turn.

Lord-Veritant Neel looked on the battlefield from atop the steaming corpse of the Maw Krusha. The beast had killed Lord-Celestant Hardouin, Lord-Relictor Gervas and Knight-Vexillor Darthos before he and the rest of the warriors had managed to bring it down. The Liberators had been wiped out and the smaller Ironjaws were headed this direction. There were pig riders wheeling around to come at them, and the last of the Brutes were reforming for a charge.

With the rest of the command dead, he was in charge of the remaining troops. In a flash he decided to make one last daring move and then retire from the field. He would quickly destroy the Altar that stood nearby, thus denying the Greenskins the full might of their ritual. Then we would lead the last of his troops back to the Realmgate to head for Azyr.


Turn Four:
At the beginning of this turn neither of us was holding an objective. As it stood the score was Ed-1 and myself-2. I only had one hero left and most of an army to contend with. After discussing it we decided that if I could get the initiative on this turn we’d call it a draw. I would be able to get my Lord-Veritant back onto the objective and set up the rest of my army to screen him and keep him safe. Ed would have taken the other two objectives and it would have ended up being 3 each. If I didn’t get the initiative then he’d just sweep in and kill my hero and secure the win.

So we rolled for initiative. I ended up winning the roll-off. So we called it a draw, that way we could get another game in.

After thinking about it for a while I realized that the battleplan says if the score is tied then move onto kill-points. With this addition Ed pulled off a Minor Victory and I ended up with a Minor Loss.

Samurai Eduh: Minor Victory
Praetorian452: Minor Loss

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