Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Verminus Muster Begins!

Hello Everyone!

I have completed my first round of battleline units for my Verminus themed pure Skaven force.  The Verminus clan grouping includes all your basic clanrats, stormvermin, and warlords so focuses on getting a lot of fighty (and not terribly fighty) bodies on the table.  There is a decent amount of synergy and a few tricks within this alignment so I am hoping for some reasonable amount of success on the battlefield.

Without further delay here are my first claws (Skaven for units):

First up is Claw Skitters led by the fearsome well...Skitters I guess!  This is a unit of 10 clanrats with rusty blades (cause it'll hurt more!) and clan shields (like regular shields but worse)

The second unit of clanrats goes by Clan Scabbers led by the heroic captain Barnabus (just kidding, its led by Scabbers).  This unit has the same load out as the first (although they are pretty sure Claw Skitters distracted them then took all the good weapons)

The final claw to make it a full paw is Claw Scratchers.  No one likes these guys.

And just in case you thought I was being sneaky and just repositioning the same ten clanrats here is a group shot.  Together they for Paw Scitter-Scab-Scratch!

I hope you enjoy these little ratters! 

I, for one, love them.  :)

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