Sunday, 30 April 2017

April Challenge Complete: Gut Rippa's Maniaks

Always to be found in the thickest of the fighting, the mob known as "Gut Rippa's Maniaks" are the embodiment of GorkaMorka's "Brutal, but Kunnin'" nature. Long ago having dispensed with such things as "taktiks", the Maniaks charge headlong into the foe, hacking and slashing with wild abandon. 

Seen as insane by the other members Fire Skullz tribe (which is saying something for Orruks) the Maniaks often bite off more than they can chew which has resulted in the mob shrinking from dozens of members, to only the handful observed since Groin Kikka's return to the mortal realms.

Just made it this month! Real life (and Elder Scrolls Online) have cut deeply into my hobby time, but I was able to pump these guys out. I really love this kit and they were really fun to paint, though I wish the kits were better for conversions and kit bashes.

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