Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Current Standings! and April Monthly Objective

Congratulations on all those who completed the monthly objective for March, you have now entered Mount Dextros region which is where the real campaign is taking place.

For those who haven't yet gained tiles here, don't worry you will have another chance to this month. For those who have, you now have a choice to make.

But let us see who is winning in what area at the moment. First of all the Overview map looks like this..

Order has taken a lead in 3 of the 4 regions, but all but one of these is so close to be taken back by other Alliances. If you are not part of the campaign yet, join up and help your Alliances take back or maintain a region! Your God needs you! 

Breaking it down, in the Castle of Scorned Hope it is Adam Trunzo with his Everchosen (Skaven) army that is gaining ground, this is the smallest of the regions but still has room for a few more to challenge Adam and Maarten.

On the Great Green Torc, Scott and Ben are taking a small lead! Again just a few more joining the campaign will really disrupt this. 

In the Nomad Chasm (which is a bend in reality and is actually a region of Ghur), There has been a war between Eric and Eduh, The Stormhost is currently winning this battle, but I see a head to head coming up soon. Again Order is winning the region. Lets change this!

For those who completed the March objective, it has meant you have began your journey into the Mount Dextros region. In this, once again Order is winning overall. This is where the real battles will take place. You need to maintain your starting regions whilst gaining grounds in this new region too. 

April Objective

So onto the new objectives for this month. I want to try and introduce new players into the campaign so the objective is double barrelled. 

Firstly, you need to post on Social Media tagging me in and supporting the campaign and seeing if others want to join in. This will gain one tile in each region.

Secondly to gain 3 hexes in Mount Dextros, you need to post a blog post showing one unit of painted models.. needs to be 3 models or more in the unit. 

But of course continue posting Painting Blogs, Battle Reports and Stories to really gain strides. You will have a choice of either gaining 1 hex in the new region or gaining grounds in your starting region.

Good Luck guys!

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  1. Thanks a lot for the update
    More skulls need to be claimed in the torc!