Monday, 10 April 2017

Skaven Tourney Report (Game three vs. Jason Vargas' Bloodbound)

Hello Everyone,

I was able to make it to a 2000 point tourney up in the Twin Cities this last Saturday and had three great games with three great opponents.  I will try to recount my adventures below.  I would love to hear any thoughts or questions you might have so leave a comment below!

My list:

Verminlord Warbringer - General, Chaos Talisman, Cunning Deceiver
Deathmaster Snikch
Skaven Warlord (counts as Queek!)
Plague Priest w Censer
Warlock Engineer

40 Clan rats
30 Clan rats
10 Clan rats

10 Stormvermin
6 Giant rats
warpfire thrower
warpfire thrower
ratling gun

Warp Lightning Cannon
Warp Lightning Cannon

Verminus Clawpack

The idea is to force my opponents to come to me with the Cannons then get in a big scrap in the middle with buffed up big blocks of clanrats.  While everything is locked together I can rain short range death on them with the warpfire throwers, plague priest, ratling gun, etc.  One buffed up clanrat unit with death frenzy, a warlord buff, and a warbringer command ability buff is no joke!

Jason has a bloodbound list with a formation that buffs his 3x10 blood reavers.  He has 2 korgoraths, 2 bloosecrators, a stoker, a Chaos Lord on mount, 10 blood warriors, 10 chaos knights, a slaughterpriest, and 10 wrathmongers.

The scenario has each player placing two objective markers in his opponents deployment area.  If at the end of your turn you control an objective in the opponents deployment area (the ones you placed) you get two points, if you control the ones in your zone you get one point.  You win a major if you have three more points than your opponent.  Secondary objectives include killing more enemy heroes and controlling both far objectives at once.

I have heard that Bloodbound do not like being split up so I put my two objectives (yellow poker chips) on the very far edges of the table.  He placed his more or less centrally in my area.  He deployed centrally and I overloaded my right side to try to reach that far objective.  The central objective he placed was right by a ruin so I placed 30 clanrats inside which was very defensible.

On his turn one he advances across the table at a steady rate.

On my turn I buff up my 40 clanrats and charge headlong into the 10 chaos knights.  Between spells, some shooting and a TON of rusty blade attacks I wipe out the unit through battle shock!  I was rolling out of the box and pulled them down through sheer volume of attacks.  Again Death Frenzy was a great boon as it pulled down a few knights after they attacked back.  Jason was definitely caught off guard by this and diverted the rest of his force to take out these blood crazed little rats!

 Before the charge...

And after!

On the opposite side of the board I had my 6 giant rats and 10 clanrats facing off against 2 korgoraths.  Not exactly a fair fight!!  I did succeed in pulling these beasties off of their own objective.  The strategic value of a hidden Snikch was seen here as Jason thought that he was in one of those units so was wary to engage them too early.

Back on the other side of the table Jason had swung his force to meet my big unit.  He whips and sends in the Blood Warriors but I surprise him and reveal Deathmaster Snikch who chops one of them in half!  He also sends in 10 reavers.

This battle is one of the longest and funniest you can have in Age of Sigmar as both sides get to swing at each other when they die so we would have these ridiculous chains of death attacks that needed to be resolved after every basic attack.  What a bunch of death crazed maniacs!  Also the poor reavers are outmatched by the lowly clanrats and go down without swinging.  It is hard to believe they dont have a save at all!

And after.  There are a lot less bodies out there.

In the remaining turns I am able to get my remaining clanrats out of combat and over to take one of the far objectives which gives me the major win since I kept him from scoring his own objectives in the first few turns.  My Verminlord Warbringer makes it in against the Wrathmongers but punches himself in the face and gets taken down as does Snikch.  On the far side of the table the korgoraths continue to beat up on the poor lowly clanrats who flee off the board.

 Take that!

 Uh oh!  I was just kidding!
 This Warbringer got warbrought!

Those poor bastards...

Not a lot happened in the center of the board except his Chaos Lord charging across and almost killing a warp lightning cannon only to be taken down by Stormvermin in the next round

Between my crazy great rolling in the initial turns and the need of the Bloodbound to direct their efforts in multiple directions I was able to pull off a big win.  I managed to kill 3 of Jason's heroes and he killed 2 of mine back so I got my secondary objective as well although I did not get the tertiary of hold both of my opponents at once (not getting past mount korgorath).

With this realtively big win I was leapfrogged past the other top tables to receive second place overall!  Afterwards, we went out for some awesome food and got to hang out for a bit before heading home.  I had a great time and Patrick Brynildson at the Source was a great TO.  Awesome to see everybody!  If you have any thoughts or questions please let me know! 

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