Thursday, 2 March 2017

Queek Headtaker, TRUE Everchosen of Chaos, PROPER Lord of the End Times and the ONE AND ONLY Marshall of the Apocalypse!!!

All Lie-Speak!

Of course Queek is true lord of all and greatest of all fighters (and leaders)!

Since Queek is mightiest of all then who but Queek could have destroyed Old World and conquered mortal realms?!?

Archaon is child-thing compared to the glory of Queek!

All hail Queek!!!

-Speech given by Queek Headtaker (to himself, inside his head)

Join me as I rebuild my, mostly verminous, Skaven army after its destruction in the world-that-was and bring it into a new era of death and destruction.  This blog will include new models, some intense rebasing, and attempts to bring Skaven back to the top in this new era.

Queek will also feature prominently because he really is the best.

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