Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Olrog Transformed

Since his transformation Olrog has set his mind on conquering the Great Green Torc as a staging post for his campaign to subjugate the Realms. The abundant life energy provides a perfect environment for apex predators to thrive which gives the Orruks plenty of sport and boosts their already awesome resilience. This is just a bonus however what Olrog really wants is the wealth of natural resources the Torc boasts. Resources he intends to plunder to fuel his Waaagh by manufacturing a mighty war machine to crush his foes. Malevolent as only a Waaagh crazed Orruk can be Olrog has not forgotten the wrongs done to him by the Amber Mage Thyios and control of the Torc's Realmgates will aid the hunt for his Nemesis.

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