Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Battle Report: Groin Kikka's WAAAGH! vs. Scott Antos' Stormcast Eternals

Scott Antos and I (Samurai_Eduh) had a battle last night! We are both relatively new to the game, having played 40k for many years. This campaign seemed like a great opportunity to seriously get into AoS! 

This is my first battle report, so there are many details left out. We know for next time to take much better notes! Without further ado...

Mission: Border War, 1560 pts. (4 objectives. These are the bulls eyes on the map). 

Here are our armies:

Lord Castellant (LC1)
Lord Celestant on Dracoth (LC2)
Lord Relictor (LR)
Gryph Hound (GH)
5x Liberators (L1)
5x Liberators (L2)
10x Liberators (L3)
2x Fulminators (F)
5x Judicators (J)
5x Retributors (R)
3x Prosecutors (P)
Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (MoM)
Warchanter (W)
5x Brutes with Gore Hackas (B1)
5x Brutes with Dual Choppas (B2)
10x 'Ard Boyz (AB)
3x Gore Gruntas (GG)
Eduh won roll off for turn, elected to go second.
Pic is of our deployment.


Everything moves forward. Scott tries to shoot at B2 with his Judicators, but caused no wounds.

He captures the North and West objectives and scores 3 points.


Due to ridiculous 2d6 Destruction Allegiance moves, B1 and B2 are able to make it into combat with R and wipe them out.

AB moves up into the ruins.

GG moves towards and captures the East Objective.

War chanter Captures South Objective.

End of turn Eduh scores 3 points.

Score: Scott 3, Ed 3.


Eduh wins initiative! Double Turn!

Using Destruction move, AB makes a skirmish line in front of L1, L2 and F. They manage to charge all three units!

GG uses the Destruction move to move behind ruins and make the charge into the Judicators!

The MoM mkaes a flanking move on L3. He charges in causing 5 mortal wounds with his charge attack and kills several Liberators with his regular attacks!

B2 charges the Prosecutors and kills 2. 

B1 drags the Lord Celestant into combat as he was within 3". They do a few wounds to each other.

L3 also does a few wounds to B1 as they were also within 3".

Eduh scores 3 points.

SCORE: Scott 3, Ed 6.


LC1 charges AB

Between LC1, L1, L2, and R, AB is destroyed.

P and B2 fight it out and the combat ends with only 1 Prosecutor remaining.

LC2 and B1 do some wounds to each other.

MoM kills a few more Liberators from L3.

GG manages to kill a few Judicators from J.

Scott Scores 3 points.

SCORE: Scott 6, Eduh 

EDUH TURN 3 (Details Sketchy at this point)

MoM beats up a few more Liberators from L3. 

B1 and LC2 fight on. Lord Celestant down to 1 wound. Only 1 survivor from B1 remains.

B2 kills the remaining Prosecutors from P.

The GG and J slap fest continues, with Scott down to two Judicators.

Ed scores 3 points. 

SCORE: Scott 6, Ed 9


L2 charges GG.

LC1 Charges GG.

F sweeps South and charges W. W somehow survives.

GH and the survivor of L1 sweep down and captures East objective.

MoM finishes off L3 and captures West objective.

LR charges into B2.

Scott scores 3 points.

SCORE: Scott 9, Eduh 9.


MoM sweeps south in order to intercept F before they capture Eduh's home objective.

B1 kills the Lord Celestant.

Warchanter survives the Fulminator's attacks again!

The Gore Gruntas continue to somehow survive against the Lord Castellant and the Liberators from L2.

The Lord Relictor must be wearing power armor, as he survives against three Brutes on his own.

The last Judicator dies from the Gore Gruntas hooves and Jaws.

Eduh Scores 3 points. 

SCORE: Scott 9, Ed 12.


Scott's dice are cursed. Someone call the exorcist!

Nothing much happens but the Gryph hound moves towards the southern objective.

The Lord Castellant and the Liberators take the Gore Gruntas down to one model!

The Fulminators kill the Warchanter (finally).

Scott scores 3 points. 

SCORE: Scott 12, Eduh 12.


The MoM literally screams the Gryph Hound to death, before charging into the Fulminators and grinding them into the mud.

B1 charges into L2 to keep them pinned in combat.

B2 retreats from combat with the Lord Relictor (unlike Propa Orks) to make a dash to the Northern Objective and are able to claim it!

Eduh scores seven points!

Scott calls the game.

FINAL SCORE: Scott 12, Ed 19.

A great time was had by both players!

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